The 1980s are Over! 3 Reasons Your Brand’s Big Hair is Bombing

The 1980s are Over! 3 Reasons Your Brand’s Big Hair is Bombing

I’m going to tell you why your business is stuck. And you are not going to believe how simple the solution is. Are you struggling to make sales? Do you network three or four times a week but still don’t see any results? If you’re losing sales to competitors, or not growing your sales for reasons you can’t identify, it’s time for a dose of truth serum: It could be your brand. And if you’re wondering what that even means,Continue Reading

Hey Entrepreneurs! Does Your Brand Sizzle?

Are you a forward-thinking, opportunity-seeking entrepreneur who wants to be seen, get heard, and stand out from the crowd? You might need some help because there ís a lot of competition out there! Here are some interesting facts from the Small Business Association in 2013. A small business is defined as one having fewer than 500 employees. Of the almost 28 million small business owners in the U.S., more than 22 million are self employed with no additional payroll or employees.Continue Reading

39 Again? Reflections of This Practice We Call ‘Life’

Yay! Today is my birthday. I’m gonna have a good time – for sure! Let the celebration begin! I started my birthday out by going to my usual Saturday morning hot yoga class. The room was how I like it – about 100 degrees thanks to the heat of 20 bodies and the balmy temps outside. I looked around and once again I was the oldest person in the room. In fact, there was probably a good 10 or 15Continue Reading

Namaste’: Giving Starts with Learning to Receive

Namaste’: Giving Starts with Learning to Receive

Namasté, loosely translated, means “the light in me honors the light within you.” It is the word used to end most yoga practices. As a yoga instructor (I like to think of myself more as a guide) I end each practice session by having my students bring their thumb knuckles to their mind’s eye – their sixth chakra, center of intuition, imagination and clarity – and we bow our heads and say “Namasté.” Or, at least I say “Namasté.” SomeContinue Reading

To My Entrepreneur Friends, My Holiday Wish

Naturally, this time of year causes me to reflect on what has been and what will be. With fierce determination I hurry to complete my work and meet my deadlines to clear my slate so I can focus on the holidays with wishful abandon of what should be and what needs to be done. Is it the workload that has me longing for quieter, more peaceful days? Is it the fact that I know I should be out enjoying theContinue Reading

Personal branding: It’s what I’ve been sayin’ all along!

For small business owners, personal branding seems to be all the rage nowadays. It differs from company branding in that you, the business owner, are the face of your company, not your logo or your website so much. After all, people do business with you, not your company, and even though you may have a team within your company that helps you get things done, the responsibility and the end product are a reflection of what you stand for. ThisContinue Reading

The Creative Entrepreneur: Could the same traits that make you unemployable make you good at business?

In an article from, Grant Cardone gives 12 traits of entrepreneurs. He skips over the obvious – traits such as discipline and a strong work ethic. Instead, he lists traits that would almost seem counter to good business practices. Funny thing is, these are traits commonly associated with creative types, such as easily bored and resisting authority. It’s what I’ve been sayin’ all along . . . . If this article seems to be written about you, perhaps it’sContinue Reading

The Creative Entrepreneur: When It’s Time to Go Out On Your Own

The Creative Entrepreneur: When It’s Time to Go Out On Your Own

Deciding whether to stay safe in the comfort of your day job or go out on your own is one of the most stressful decisions you’ll ever be faced with. Almost everyone at some time has thought to Take This Job and Shove It, but if that song is playing in your head like a broken record, maybe it’s time you think seriously about making the leap. Here are warning signs that your future might not be so bright ifContinue Reading

Top 5 Reasons to Be an Entrepreneur: What’s Your Big Why?

This is a repost from list-building expert Maritza Parra.   As business owners, you already know that there are lots of up and downs during the entreprenuerial journey. From the beginning tiny seed of your idea and trying to convince yourself (and friends, family, investors, etc) to believe in your vision to nabbing a huge clients, (or losing a huge client…) You don’t get a paycheck for bad ideas, wasted time and daydreaming. You don’t get feedback on your ideasContinue Reading

Want some tips on writing content? Here are a few from Copyblogger

Writing a blog is a lot of fun, but it also takes a lot of time and commitment. You really do need to come up with a content marketing mission statement to make sure you stay focused on whom you are writing to, and then you must be consistent and publish regularly. We all experience occasional writer’s block and face the dreaded schedule at times with, “Oh no, do I have to do that again? I want to go outContinue Reading

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