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Does Your Brand Sizzle?

WHAT IF I told you that you don’t have to keep struggling to bring in more business?

WHAT IF you could stop worrying about why clients aren’t hiring you?

WHAT IF all the money you spent on your marketing started to pay off?

WHAT IF you could figure out a way to stand out and get noticed.

You know you’re hot stuff — don’t you? — so why doesn’t everyone else?

It Could Be Your Branding.

Your personal brand defines who you are and what you do. It tells your potential clients what you stand for and what you can do for them.

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Accountability is Worth Paying for: Hire a Coach!

Accountability is Worth Paying for: Hire a Coach!

I’m not crazy about the term coach, although it’s come to hold many different meanings. I prefer to think of myself as more of a business strategist and perhaps even a mentor. The job of a coach, strategist, or mentor is really to guide clients to manifest their dreams, whether it’s in the area of life, health, business, career — or whatever it is they hire you for. The term “coaching” generally means to take an idea and clarify itMore

What Have You Decided About Yourself?

What Have You Decided About Yourself?

“There is a Way Through Every Block” This quote graced the tank top of my yoga instructor in class today. Most entrepreneurs have an editorial calendar that dictates what they blog about every week. Not me. I go to yoga class for inspiration. Or, I walk in the park, where ideas seemingly fall from the clear blue sky. My philosophy is that if you truly want a freedom-based business, do what works for you as an individual rather than followingMore

4 Keys to a Successful 4-Hour Workweek

4 Keys to a Successful 4-Hour Workweek

I just returned from a 10-day trip to Florida, where we hopped around the state, visiting four sets of relatives. It was an experiment in working remotely, since I didn’t want to reschedule or put everything on hold, only to have to work twice as much when I returned home. My goal was to achieve the elusive 4-hour work week (made popular by Tim Ferriss in his book by the same name), and I was successful in doing that, but here’sMore

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